North Carolina Sneakerheads

26th December 2011 07:21

Whats up NC sneakerheads! Just wanna use this thread to chat about spots & the sneaker community in NC. Enjoy!
26th December 2011 23:07
Whats up dude I'm living in NC! im at Mount Olive College
27th December 2011 00:59
^^ Whats up man. I know its easy copping kicks in that area.
27th December 2011 01:52
Yeah plus theres a few sneakerheads on campus who always sell and trade!
27th December 2011 04:13
in Greensboro their are to many ppl that call themselves sneakerheads. Did you have trouble getting the concords, if you got them.
27th December 2011 04:28
Yeah about that, I'm on a family vacation in florida so I tired to cop online (1st mistake), anyway the Nike website was crashing alot and I never saw an order complete! however 2 PayPal payments got taken, and I recieved a confirmation email a few hours later with my purchase details and my order number.

then yesterday got another email saying that there website didnt keep up with the orders and that I had infact not got any concords!

So long story short I did have some problems getting them, and still dont have them!
27th December 2011 04:42
Wow that sucks. I'm always nervous with online orders up till I see the item has been shipped.

I had no luck getting the concords too. I got off work that night pretty late so I knew I had no chance getting a pair at any midnight release. So I tried to order online but all the sites crashed on me. The next mourning I go to the mall because FT & DTLR had 8am releases, the doors "were" suppose to open at 7. I was there at 5:30. To make this story short about 100 ppl broke into the mall around 3 and the guards came around 5:30 & didn't say a word to those ppl .

So I ended up not getting a pair .
27th December 2011 06:31
Both out of luck! I tried to cop at the mall down in florida, I kinda knew there wouldnt be any left but just tried to see, he told me the sold out in 7 mins
27th December 2011 16:42
I'm just going to sit back and hope I catch a return or a restock somewhere. If that doesn't happen i'm going to wait till they hype dies down and get a pair from a reseller.
27th December 2011 22:51
Yeah I figure the prices will drop to around 250-350 range eventually, just sit back and wait!

What school do you go to?