Nike Sb x Geoff McFetridge

14th April 2011 23:34
To celebrate the exhibition, we have produced a limited quantity of Nike SB shoes and t-shirts. The first offering will be specially packaged t-shirts by: Lance Mountain, Neckface, Futura and CR Stecyk III. Also available is the Nike SB x Geoff McFetridge Paper Dunk High. Limited to 24 unique pairs, each shoe is made from an original piece of Geoff's artwork. Pairs will be on display at MOCA's retail space and will be auctioned on May 26, 2011 at 1pm. The shoes are only available in (US) sizes 9, 10 and 11 and the starting auction price is $100.00, limit one pair per bidder. A second offering of product that includes a Nike SB Blazer by Lance Mountain and t-shirts by Geoff McFetridge, CR Stecyk III, Aaron Reimer and Gusmano Cesaretti will be on sale in June at the MOCA retail shop. Proceeds from all Nike SB x MOCA product will be donated to the MOCA Foundation
15th April 2011 00:04
not bad. not for me tho
15th April 2011 00:21
They're made out of paper...I don't think they're "for" anyone lol.
15th April 2011 00:26
I wonder if they would crease bad? Kinda cool I guess but not worth paying money for imo.
15th April 2011 01:04
waist of good paper
15th April 2011 01:57
These must be good for skating.
15th April 2011 02:42
These must be good for skating.


Good point man.

Nice catch there.
15th April 2011 02:53
Hmm idk about these
15th April 2011 04:01
Cool concept, not a shoe i like the look of though.

Look at those tongues LAWL!!! Soooo long
15th April 2011 04:42
Poor execution., horrible execution actually.