Nike SB "Infrared" Dunk Low

5th July 2012 01:19
Some pics of these have been floating around lately. Rumored for Spring 2013 and possibly a part of the Koston-Air Max 90 capsule because the colorway seems infrared-inspired. Material on the tongue and heel looks interesting.
edit: xProfane tells me the material looks like something called ripstop, which was used on some AM90's.

edit: personally I don't think any of that nonsense of this being a part of the whole air max 90 capsule is true, because a lot of the gr dunk previews have ripstop and well frankly this isn't infrared.

Source: SneakerNews

5th July 2012 01:22
I'm a sucker for em.
5th July 2012 01:23
I'm not a fan
5th July 2012 01:41
The material on the tounge and heal looks like ripstop, theyve used ripstop on a few AM 90s. As for the color, that to me looks nothing like infrared. It looks more like Varsity Red. I still like the colorway though and will get these for sure. I just hope the infrared tag doesnt stick if they arent infrared.
5th July 2012 01:42
Those are looking kinda nice I'll say
5th July 2012 05:50
I like those Jano's...
5th July 2012 06:00
They are nothing special
5th July 2012 06:03
I like!!!
5th July 2012 06:04
From those pics they look pretty good
5th July 2012 07:37
These are tight