25th March 2012 06:08
Anyone know if these are releasing at footlocker and shit or just select nike stores?
25th March 2012 14:12
i think just select outlets. Released at 1948 yesterday, amazingly comfortable

25th March 2012 14:22
25th March 2012 16:58
They look STRICTLY for comfort
25th March 2012 16:59
Still a dope shoe though
25th March 2012 17:15
Love the look of them judging from pics like the one in the first post. However, I get kinda worried how they'd look when worn (judging by the second picture).

Aneks, wouldn you mind posting one up on foot?
25th March 2012 17:27
How do they fit aneks? Looking forward to some on foot pics.
25th March 2012 19:06
25th March 2012 19:11
West NYC has the black and red available at their store. 21M will too soon, they posted a bunch of pics of different colors.
25th March 2012 19:14

They look nice on feet!