Nike LeBron 10 Cannon Custom

17th December 2012 18:19
Here is a quick glimpse of Lebron 10 CannonX custom based off of the colorway from last years Lebron 9 Cannon. The colors are basically the same except for on the upper I put my own color twist which is a ghost two-tone effect. Let me know what you guys think, likes, dislikes, comments, it all helps.

17th December 2012 18:55
They look very good
Better than the 9s
17th December 2012 22:25
Very nice colors on point and clean lines.
18th December 2012 03:17
19th December 2012 01:05
Did you use a Nike ID base shoe or an actual Bron pair in stores?
19th December 2012 06:52
19th December 2012 18:24
I used the lava colorway as my base shoe
22nd December 2012 14:37
23rd December 2012 14:05
Not bad actually look nice
23rd December 2012 16:49
i like these good job