Nike ID Air Max Post...

23rd February 2006 22:34
I will be getting my 180's today so I thought we could use an official post for people when they actually get there shoes. I can't wait to get mine. The colors are not as bright as some of your AM designs but to each his own. No flaming just good constructive critisizm. I will post my 180's later today when I get them.

Have fun posting you AM1, AM90, AM180, soon to be AM93, AM95, AM97, and AM03.

On a side note I can not wait for the AM95!!!!
23rd February 2006 23:58
I need my AM1s to come SOON!!!

Im getting anxious haha
24th February 2006 00:57
Well I go them and I love the 180's even more. Just decided to go simple. No crazy colors for me or a shoe w/ 6 colors on it. Just not that flashy of a person I guess.

More to come in another 3-4 weeks when my AM93's come in.



Both of them.............

24th February 2006 01:00
Very clean. How is the quality?
24th February 2006 01:02
Quality is great to me..........Actually a little bit better than my 10//2 180's.
24th February 2006 02:25
very nice ekin,,,love the colorway.
24th February 2006 03:07
I like the cuse' 180's only if they make the tourny!
24th February 2006 04:24
Nice and simple!
Seen too many crazy colors on NT
24th February 2006 19:27
Nice ones Ekin. Although I would have gone for a less similar one for the second pair, they are almost the same now.
25th February 2006 20:09
^^ I agree with brainpower , those two are very similiar. Should've picked a different color...