Nike Free Run+ 2 & iD - SHIELD iD RE-UPPED!

11th October 2010 17:59
[quote:40ddec9664]In Summer 2011, the Nike Free Run+ 2 will make its debute in a number of colorways in a fresh design and material concoction. The diamond-mesh from the Lunar Running series will be the base layer on the upper with extra cob-web like layers for a pretty sick finish. [/quote:40ddec9664]

11th October 2010 18:09
some promising colourways, the free run+ 2's just arent my type of model
11th October 2010 19:40
Love the look of them -- I'll "cop for sure".
11th October 2010 20:26
Yeah, personally, I like the look of these more than their predecessor. The Neutral Grey and Medium Grey cws will definitely be considered
11th October 2010 21:16
might consider the 2nd pair...would really like to see them in person
11th October 2010 21:19
look a little like the chapukas ....really feeling the 4th colorway
too bad they coming out in like 9 months
11th October 2010 22:15
^I thought the exact same thing about the Chapuka resemblance at first glance...they're looking dope though, really liking the cut-out shapes and layering in the side-paneling.

Def like the direction Nike's been taking with a lot of the newer stuff like this and the Lunar series, it's promising but still think more attention should be paid to quality materials and construction.
13th October 2010 15:59
Really diggin the charcoal/purple pair. I might cop these next year since I always need a new pair of running shoes each year
14th October 2010 17:54
SU 11 will be big time for all free lovers. personally i knock on wood for some additional nsw-colabs besides the inline running gear. remember stüssy world tour frees, etc...
14th October 2010 18:08
I love the feel and the comfort of the Free's, some nice colourways coming