11th December 2012 22:47
i am^^^dope ass timb collab
11th December 2012 23:45
People will buy the Timbs no matter what...

I get back in a week, time to hit up the store.
12th December 2012 00:16
what drops tomorrow? and how do you guys know what comes out when?
12th December 2012 01:34
Colorways for the the Timb collab is dope. But these are the timbs that dudes got clowned for wearing when i was kid lmao. These and the joints with no leather at the top.
12th December 2012 04:29
Timbs are alright but was never a timb type of guy. Going to grab the herringbone tweed camp though.
12th December 2012 09:10
i like the timbs but i dont know how to size on them. i might have to head to la to try them on
12th December 2012 14:57
I have never owned a pair of timbs, never was my thing so I may be biased. I think the colab look like womens boots. Although I have never really been a boot guy besides CDBs, virgils and moc toe beckmans.
12th December 2012 15:47
nah those timbs r weak brah...
12th December 2012 16:25
nah those timbs r weak brah...

13th December 2012 02:03
Is anyone out there now? I really want the red Tims but I don't even know how they run nor want to camp out all night from now. It's too cold for all that.