New Balance Lovers Thread

20th December 2012 21:20
I just stumbled across these today:


The blue is a pretty slick cw.
21st December 2012 00:38
I never had a pair of new balance, but I'm thinking of buying now.

Many people tell me that new balance is either to run or to the kids of 15 years old, or older people .. what you guys think?

I want some shoes fashion for use in daily with all kinds of clothes.

Should I buy some NB model or should I go for nike?

someone can ban this guy please?
21st December 2012 13:41
how to post pictures?
21st December 2012 15:08
I really wanted to cop a pair of the Size 80/70's release but they didn't have half sizes. So annoying why are some releases with all the sizes and some not?
21st December 2012 15:54
on my feet today. love these simple grey 998s

21st December 2012 21:36
Witalit, the size? sizing is UK sizing. Their UK 11 is actually a US 11 1/2. Double check their size chart and you might still be in luck.
22nd December 2012 04:22
New Balnce store in NYC restocked on a few 996 color ways as well as some 1300s.
22nd December 2012 04:47 restocked a bunch as well
22nd December 2012 16:12
Damn missed out on the mojito's, was watching the site the whole day
22nd December 2012 16:31
I checked out with the mojitos but they just emailed me saying my size sold out.card will be refunded.........