New Balance Lovers Thread

4th September 2007 00:40
hey i know there are alot of you out there... or at least a few of you who dig NB...

i like them & trying to get some more... post anything related to New Balance here

the "new" New Balance thread for everyone who loves the brand...

post kicks, what your interests are, new releases, info, or just chit chat.
4th September 2007 03:25
There's A LOT more to New Balance than the hyped up consortium releases... Always been a fan, and always will be...
4th September 2007 03:28
yeah that's true... place nearby... my local shop got alot of 1500s 574s & i think one more thing but i can't remember.

however all pretty big bank, but no colorways i liked.... the sude was pretty nice though.
4th September 2007 03:29
There's A LOT more to New Balance than the hyped up consortium releases... Always been a fan, and always will be...

btw have you been to Huf lately & checked out their NB collection?? i haven't gone in a while...
4th September 2007 18:09
New Balance has some of the best designs, colorways, and materials of any company out there. They kill Nike in terms of quality, and for the most part, comfort too. It's next to impossible to get some good pairs in the US though. They don't even hit eBay very hard, and when they do, they're the Colette's and people are charging $600 for them. I've been lagging on the new pickups, but come thursday I'll be picking up the Foot Patrol and Sportie LA NB's. Two of my favorite releases this year overall. Hopefully NB will take notice after the success of the ST33 and start giving the US folk a little more to look forward to.
4th September 2007 20:51
Some new pics of the NB Solebox "Toothpaste pack"

4th September 2007 21:41
Some new pics of the NB Solebox "Toothpaste pack"

i remember hearing about them a while back they were suppose to be really limitied doesn anybody know where and when these are dropping?
4th September 2007 21:51
Some say 300 per style, others 200. Solebox will surely have them. I dont know about other retailers.
5th September 2007 00:33
150+ pairs of new balance
0 pairs of nikes
collecting NB since 94
5th September 2007 03:48
I don't own any NBs yet, but definitely looking forward to copping my first pair. The suede used on them is butter and the quality is atleast 10 times better than the crap Nike puts out. I wish there was a bigger selection of NBs in the states especially those Made in England pairs. Its also unfortunate that some of the pairs I do like are going for a fortune on eBay. Guess I'll keep waiting patiently for my first pair.