New Balance Custom ID Thread

2nd January 2013 11:18
I love the color combo on those bamaboy256! Which grey is that? I love grey obviously

2nd January 2013 16:07
HAHA I would guess that it is castlerock but I'm not sure.
3rd January 2013 04:27
Got it thanks!
3rd January 2013 11:32
Those look great Bamaboy.

I really need to make up some new ones
3rd January 2013 15:13
^^^^the 2nd & 4th pairs has been somewhat done minus a few of your own touches
3rd January 2013 15:17
Have you used yellow or that lime color?
3rd January 2013 15:25
i like #2 and #4
3rd January 2013 15:28
thats sulpher yellow
3rd January 2013 15:30
I need help...made 4 customs and will order 2 of them. Which ones would YOU prefer?
It's always good to get a second opinion. Thanks!

All are nice, but I prefer #1 and #2
3rd January 2013 16:05
I like 1 and 2 also. This is my favorite thread right now. Keep up the good work guys!