Need For Speed Most Wanted

19th December 2012 04:20
^Get out Wilson lol

dlc thats a little too much
25th December 2012 15:28
this is a fun game to play with family
25th December 2012 23:49
okay, is it just me or is there only like 5 races for single multiplayer? is this mainly a multiplayer game or what? it doesnt seem like it has a campaign to it at all..
26th December 2012 21:39
I don't play single player at all. Its ass. Multiplayer is where all the fan is at
27th December 2012 06:15
i usually play and beat the campaign to any game before i hop online. but thanks for the heads up, no need to waste my time now. haha, a15kko, what system do you play on?
27th December 2012 06:24
I'm on ps3
17th January 2013 06:27
Great game, gets old quick though.
25th January 2013 17:08
does anybody know when does the next ccome out
25th January 2013 19:46
I was disappointed in this game big time. Especially when you compare the most recent NFS: Hot Pursuit to the recent Most Wanted. Knock off 10 cars and the main part of the game is over. Hot Pirsuit bounced back and forth between pursuer and pursuee.
2nd February 2013 02:12
i will own anyone, anytime anywhere at this game