++++ NJ ISS'ERS Vol.2 ++++

13th September 2011 06:24
Welcome to the new Thread Everyone!!

My name is Joe. I decided to create a new thread because the old one died out and the few remaining survivors agreed on a fresh start to revive the sneakerhead profile in NJ. So let's do it big and bring this thread up to the potential it has.

Start out by introducing yourself and give a little background info. What types of shoes/cars/ extraneous hobbies you're in to? School and such. Whatever you want to share.

Also I want to start up posting fits and new pick ups, we used to have NJ Fit Battles so if we get enough people posting again we can bring those back. But without further adieu, I'll start off.

Name: Joe
Originally from Hackensack (201) but currently finishing up my BS at SUNY Buffalo.

I wear all types of shoes but have an affinity towards Nike SB, more specifically Blazers. Always been into kicks but started to get serious in '07.
13th September 2011 07:49
Name: Alex
Jersey City has my heart forever and always. Rutgers Class of '13. Michael Jordan enthusiast since about the age of 10. got serious in collecting around 14/15 sold most of my collection right before college. now i regret what i got rid of and slowly getting it all back. SBs attract my eye rarely but i've own a few pairs.

lets get this new thread on and popin NJ!
13th September 2011 17:56
Today's choice. Was a nice day in Buffalo and I haven't worn them in a while.

14th September 2011 01:36
Name: Marc
Im from jersey city. One of the 08-11' NJ iss'ers. Been busy with work and school. My sneaker game has fallen off this recent year. Hope all the other OG heads are still doing good, and I welcome everyone else from NJ. What up!

heres an old pic of my collection. I still have some of these shoes, and thrown out a couple boxes lol
14th September 2011 04:45
names ralph.

from bergenfield. never really was in the old nj thread so thought i'd start fresh here. was mainly into sbs but sold most of it have a few pairs left here and there. currently residing in Philly for work.
14th September 2011 06:37
Welcome back guys.

Marc those 3s are making me think about the cement 3s dropping again. You thinking about picking up a pair?
14th September 2011 06:43
im picking up a pair or two i'm mad i passed up on the white cements before..
14th September 2011 07:00
Yeah they grew on me a lot more seeing them in person. They should still be around for reasonable prices if anyone wants to let them go.

Black Friday is going to be a rough time for 'heads though.

SB has the Entourages dunk lows dropping.
The cement 3s from JB and I have heard from a source close with the owners of flight club that the Yeezy 2s drop on BF as well. That hasn't been confirmed yet but rumors have been floating around on ISS as well
14th September 2011 14:19
that would be crazy lol but ill be waiting for those cements cant pass them up this time..
14th September 2011 17:49
They are growing on me a lot but those Entourages are looking so mean with the black/black elephant print. A couple lace Swaps and they could be so mean.

NJ what is going on today?