KD V: Team Orange/Tour Yellow $180 15th

14th June 2012 01:38
Nike Zoom KD V
Spring 2013



via:' http://aaronknows.keedan.com/track/2012/06/14/nike-zoom-kd-5-spring-2013/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter'

' http://sneakernews.com/2012/06/13/nike-zoom-kd-v/'

Photo taken by infam0usP of NT
14th June 2012 01:41
i like the 4s alot better.
14th June 2012 01:41
The 4s were a good step. These look bad but hey the 4s looked YUCK in first pic

I think that I will still cop 'em though
14th June 2012 01:48
ummmm they might grown on me but at first glance they're looking kinda off
14th June 2012 01:50
I like them.
14th June 2012 01:55

God damn it is that an air bag in back
14th June 2012 01:56
more pics
14th June 2012 01:57
looks cool. i want to see the actual shoes first.
14th June 2012 02:10

God damn it is that an air bag in back

Yeah, sure looks like it. I wanna see more colorways of the shoes. I'm sure they'll come out with some sick colorways
14th June 2012 02:13
First glance, dont like them