***I WEAR MY (200+) PAIRS*** | VARIETY is Key! ALL Pics on 1st Page

22nd January 2013 06:56
I'm slowly but finally getting all of my pics up of my kicks. Bare with me as I have quite a few more to go but this is most of what I've own represented below with several more still needing to get in front of a camera. One day...eventually...I'll get them all up on here.

At this exact moment, out of close to 200 pairs, I have 2 pairs that remain DS...for now! Not for long! I'll always contend that shoes look best on foot.
Also, I hunt for deals & like the prices I pay most the time almost as much as the kicks I get. I'll post what I've paid next to each one I can remember...

While this isn't fully comprehensive, this is the Archive list of most of my pairs you can check out any time, as I continue to take & upload pics of the rest of them as I find the time.

Click here:' http://solecollector.com/sneakercollection/DRUMattX/'

Here goes...

My fav Air Max style of all time: AIR BURST

Air Burst Blk/V-red ($66)

Air Burst Storm Pack ($130)

Air Burst Royal Blue/Red ($52)

AirSlimShady Burst 0934 / 1,000 ($50)

AM1 / '87

Air Max 1 OG Red ($59)

AM1 ACG Blue ($39)
AM1 ACG Blue


Air Max 90 Infrared HoA 2005 ($80)

Air Max 90 "Essential" Reverse Infrared ($60)

Air Max 90 OG Infrared ($61)

Air Max 90 Hyperfuse NRG Infrared ($107.50)

Air Max Lunar90 Infrared (Retail)


In chronological order...

Air Max 90 Velvet Birch ($60)

Air Max 95 OG Pack Neon ($80)

Air Max 95 Neon (flashed)

Air Max 95 Doernbecher 2011 (retail but ultimately cost me $0 )
SOLD the sz 12 for $230 when I found their sz 12.5 replacement
AM95 DB LE Doernbecher 2011 (sz 12.5) ($130)

Air Max 95 Rejuvenation ($61)

Air Max 95 Rejuvenation Flashed

Air Humara Premium Green Gean/Gum ($51)

Air Humara set: Green Bean & OG Carotene Sparks ($60 in '98)

Air Humara set...Flashed

Air Humara Grey retro ($27)

Nike Air Terra Albis Concord/Taxi retro (DS $67)

Air Safari Premium NRG Great Britain ($90 retail)

Air Max 120 B DS "Spidey" ($76)

Air Max 120 B "Fire" ($48)

Internationalist Mid QS Blue/Black ($53)


Air Griffey Max 1 Emerald ($80)

Air Griffey Max Fresh Water ($95)

Air Griffey Max 1 Royal/Volt flashed ($70)

AGM 1 OG Colorway retro set flashed

Air Griffey Max III Black/Metallic Silver ($45)


Air Trainer II LE "Tecmo Bo" ($36)

Air Trainer SC II QS Infrared ($53)

2010 SC Baseball Glove ($39)

2010 SC Baseball Gloves "Bo Knows" with my original Bo Jackson glove!

The Bo set (so far)

Air Trainer SC II Premium QS MEGATRON retro ($130/retail)

Air Trainer 91 BO KNOWS NFL QS ($65)

Barry Sanders

Air Zoom Turf Royal retro ($18)

Zoom Revis 1 Bright Crimson

My one & only pair of Mt. Bike shoes: NIKE CAIRNS. How many pairs of your Nikes say Made In ITALY ?[/b] Works of art, durable as hell & best fitting shoe I've EVER had on foot for 15+ years now!

Nike Cairns for MTB ($113 = half price in 1998)



Lunar Swingtip Grey/Brick Red ($44)


My first pair of Nikes I ever had were GS Air Revolutions in White+ Primary Colors back in "OG" '88. Will forever be a fav shoe of mine...need a few more!

Air Revolution Retro Vivid blue ($28)

Air Revolution Premium QS ($120)

I've owned these since they released dating back to late 1997. Gave em a good cleaning & they're still with me today, comfy as ever.
Air Max Uptempo 3 White/Black/Navy ($81 in 1997)

Total Foamposite Max OG Duncan FLASH ($100)

Got a lucky retail raffle draw on these size 12.5 Penny DB 1s...
Air Max Penny 1 DB sz 12.5

My 1st only pair of Kobes, in honor of Mr. Davis (& a nod to Coltrane) 9 albums down, a few more to go...

Kobe V Mile Davis Kind of Blue...Train ($40)

My fav Lebron 9...Swingman

LBJ 9 Swingman ($102)

LJ 9 Dunkman ($102)

LJ Dunkman / Swingman



*****THE 1s*****

1 Patent 'Chicago' sz 12.5 ($56)
1 Patent UNC sz 12.5 ($55)

The Patent Duo:

And a pair I picked up on release day for retail...

1 Ban High

The former AJ1 Set...

1 set so far (flashed)

1 set (so far)

SB Dunk Low Blue Levis x AJ1 FF POPS
1 Family Forever "POPS" Denim ($120 retail)sf

***THE IIIs***
III True Blue 2001 retro
III Dark Mocha/Chrome retro
III Fire Red 2006 retro
III Do The Right Thing retro
III Black Cement 2008 CDP retro
III Stealth retro
III Powder Blue retro

*****THE IVs*****[/b]

IV CDP Black Cement ($148)

IV Military Blue '06 retro ($51)

IV Cool Grey retro ($127)
Found these to replace the 12s with a 12.5
IV Cool Grey Retro sz 12.5 ($162)
IV Cool Grey Retro X 2

IV Laser White/Varsity Red retro ($175)
Found these to replace the 12s with a 12.5
IV Laser sz 12.5 ($240)

IV Cavs retro ($190...courtesy of @MajorKicks, Thanks for the hookup!)

IV Thunder DS ($160 retail)

IV set...so far...

IV Set Jan 2013

***THE V Set reserved spot here*** NINE PAIRS

V Wolf Grey retro (sz 12.5 $90)

*****THE VIs*****

VI Deep Infrared 2000 Retro Unwearable

VI Deep Infrared 2000 Retros ($160, now unwearable, & $60 beaters, also not really wearable)

VI Unwearable left-shoe Infrareds

VI Low Black/Metallic retro ($55)

VI Black/V-Red retro ($64)

VI Oreo Retro x Fully Laced speckled laces ($99 DS)...the shoe that got me back into the shoe game!

VI set so far...

VI set

New addition...first New retro Id bought since the Thunder IVs dropped!
VI Carmine 2014 Retro ($170)

*****THE VIIs*****

VII Playoff OG '92 ($67...guy thought they were retros!)

NIKE A I R Insoles

VII Charcoal/Playoff '02 Retro ($82)

VII Olympic '04 Retro ($151)

VII 2004 Olympic retro

VII Citrus, lace swapped ($70...on SC)

VII Bordeaux retro ($82 on RD)

VII Set...

All my VIIs

VIIs flashed

Post-group-pic add: CDP Hares

VII Hare CDP ($150) & XX1 CDP

*****THE VIIIs*****

VIII White/Red 2003 Retro ($27)

VIII Playoff / DelSol Low retro ($65)

VIII Chrome Low retro ($36)

VIII Low Retro duo

VIII Chrome Hi Retro ($122)

VIII "Chrombray" sample (mistake) tongue retro ($15)
VIII Anthracite/White ($66)
VIII Pea Pod/Orange Blaze ($82)
VIII Aqua-tone/Bright Concord (ASG) Retro ($107.50)
VIII Playoff '07 Retro ($60)

*****The lonely X*****
X Chicago Double Nickel Retro ($150)

****THE XIs**** (NINE Pairs, a few more pics pending)

OG Colorways vs. their 1st retro counterparts to lead things off. Still a few more pics to go but good to get these outta the way...
XI Playoff OG 1996 ($170)

XI All Star Game (Columbia) Original 1996 ($110)

XI Concord Original 1995 ($100)

XI Playoff Retro 2001 ($125 size 12.5)

XI All Star Game (Columbia) Retro 2001 ($153)

XI Dark Concord Retro 2000 ($142 size 12.5)

And some side by side comparison pics, Retros on the left, OGs on the right...

Air Jordan XI Retro v. original in OG CWs

Worth doubling up...pair in the front ran me $221
XI Defining Moments x 2

*****THE XIIs*****

TWO pairs of my top-5 Grail:
The first pair...

XII Playoff Home OG sz 12.5 ($49)
The 2nd pair, DS...
XII Playoff Home OG DS sz 12.5 (got in trade)

The pair of pairs together
XII AllStar/Playoff Home OG duo

And another sz 12.5 OG...

XII Playoff Away OG '97 ($101)

The final original; OG Taxi

XII Taxi OG '97 ($27)

My only retro left (used to have '04 Playoff Homes)...

XII French Blue retro ($95)

The set...

XII Marks the Spot - set of Air Jordan XIIs

XII set four originals & a retro holdin it down

*****THE XIIIs*****

XIII Black/Red OG ($65)

XIII Black/Red OG flashed

2nd pair of OG XIII Black/True Red acquired, so before I sold off my 2004 (beater) pair, I took some pics of the 2xOG + 1x'04 ... newest pair (also the cleanest) featured in the front/center
XIII Black/True Red OG ($105 - acquired 2014 ) (2 x OG + 1 '04 Retro)

XIII All Star OG ($68)

XIII Black Toe OG ($130)

The former set pics...
These got eyes in the back...

XIII 'OG Black/Red, OG Black Toe, OG All Star, '04 Black/Red, '05 Altitude
Always watchin...

XIII Hologram set flashed
The OGs:



XIII Set from the front - 3 OGs & 2 Retros

XIII Set OGs to Retros

*****THE XIVs*****

XIV Indiglo ($80)

XIV Last Shot OG ($95)

XIV OG Last Shot

XIV Laney Low ($78)

XIV Black Toe Retro ($77)

XIV Last Shot 2005 Retro sz 12.5 ($44.07)

XIV Graphite/Chartreuse

XIV CDP ($56.50)





X I V face fwd

***THE XVI Set Reserved here*** TWO PAIRS

*****THE XVIIIs*****

XVIII Black/Sport Royal ($70)



*****THE XX1s*****

XX1 Italian Graphite/Uni-Blue ($91)

XX1 Italian Graphite/Uni-Blue

XX1 Italian Red($142.50)

XX1 Italian Red

XX1 Low Black/Red ($15.50)

XX1 CDP ($30)


*****THE XX2s*****

XX2 Black-Varsity Red ($40)

XX2 Black-V Red (Flashed)
One of my only DS pairs...had these since 2010 I believe.

XX2 Basketball DS ($60 shipped)

XX2 Collezione pack ($55 shipped)

XX2 Collezione CDP (flashed)

XX2 5/8 Black/Red ($34)

XX2 PE Blk/Red sz 12.5 ($17.50)

Set pics...

X X 2

X X 2

*****The XX3*****
XX3 Stealth sz 12.5 ($48)


Jumpman Pro OG Royal (sz 12.5) ($70)

Jumpman Pro OG Royal
Jumpman Pro OG True Red

Jumpman Pro OG duo

My Very First Pair of Air Jordans: The Team II, owned since Christmas Day, 1998
Jordan TEAM II White Toe

......and my only pair of fusions, a must-own for this Blazers fan.
6 Rings Portland



SB DOOM (my 1st & my fav SB ever) ($160)

SB MF Doom

SB High Bloody Gums ($66)

SB High Hugh Hefner Smoking Jackets ($125)

SB High Brut ($84)

SB Dunk High Jason Voorhies (DS for $111)

SB Dunk High KABOOM ($old)

SB Dunk High Premier (retail)

SB Dunk High T19 ($100)

SB Dunk High "Iron"

SB Dunk High PACMAN ($53)
SB Dunk High Pacman (Flashed)

SB Dunk High UNLUCKY ($185)

SB Dunk High Toro 3M($120)

SB Dunk MIDS...


SB Dunk Mid BATMAN[/b]

SB Dunk Mid SPIDERMAN ($75)

[b]SB Dunk LOWS

SB Low Premium Petoskey ($100)

SB Low Black & Tan ($75)

SB Dunk Low Lunar Eclipse East Coast...fav SB Low to date ($140)

SB Dunk Low Ash/Aqua Chalk ($46)

SB Dunk Low Larry Perkins...mine Riiiiiings! ($90)

SB Dunk Low Neptune ($32)

SB Dunk Low Golf Blue Ice ($35)

SB Dunk Low set portion

SB Dunk Low Milli Vanilli ($50)
Bonus...(lighting change)

SB Low Milli

SB Dunk Low Patagonia ($51)
SB Dunk Low Black/True Red "Vamp" ($125)

SB Dunk Low Bruised Pushead ($210)

The Duo (before I sold the first one )

Had to grab a sz 13, sold off the 12. Aah toe room.
Bleached Pushead 2
Bruised + Bleached: Pushead duo

Thanks for the HUGE help/favor with this one, MapleChris!

SB Dunk Low x Levis HS ($137)

SB Dunk Low Pro 112 Premium QS ($135)
SB Dunk Low Premium "Mafia" ($95)

SB Dunk Low "New Castle"($125)

SB Dunk Low "Royal J-Pack" ($122.50)

SB Dunk Low J-Pack Red (retail)
SB Dunk Low Premium "Koston Thai Flag" ($51)
SB Dunk Low Premium "Snake Eyes" (retail)
SB Dunk Low "Takashi II"
SB Dunk Low C&K ($110)

SB Dunk Low SBTG ($208)
SB Dunk Low Quartersnack ($98-Retail)

Bonus pic...
SB Dunk Low Quartersnacks
SB Dunk Low Nontourage ($100)
Black + Gum = Winning
NonTourage x Quartersnack

Not SB but close enough I love Playoff VIIIs...

Jordunk VIII Tribute ($28)

22nd January 2013 19:48
nice collection those 95 Rejuvenations are too hot
24th January 2013 09:15
I literally hit a character limit in my initial post so I'm placing all my other sneakers here from other varieties of kicks I own. I still have several 14-16 year old pairs of adidas I gotta get pics of someday & post up (from when I worked there) but here's what's good so far...

D Lillard 1 Rose (&Rain) City

Snagged these the day after, half off:
Adidas ZX 700 Scarlet/Navy
Adidas ZX 700 flashed
Then I customized the midsoles a bitadidas ZX700 Scarlet/Navy custom'd

adidas SL Loop Runner Bluebird


GRID 9000
Saucony GRID9K 3 Dots Pack "Red" ($62)

Saucony GRID9K Berry/Charcoal FLASHED
AFTER Customization
Saucony GRID 9000 3 Dots customized

Saucony GRID 9000 3 Dots pack Blue ($82)

Saucony GRID 9000 Injection pack Brown/Blue ($55)

Saucony GRID 9000 Blk/Red Injection ($58)

My Saucony Grails...stupid amazing.
Saucony BAIT X GRID 9000 ($92)
Saucony BAIT X GRID 9000 (flashed)

Saucony GRID 9K set (10/14)

Saucony GRID 9000 RISE (Retail$)
Saucony GRID 9000 RISE (3M Flash)

Saucony GRID 9000 Play Cloths MX (Retail$)
Saucony GRID 9000 MOTORCROSS 077

Saucony GRID 9000 Autumn/Spice pack Orange/Grey ($65)

Saucony GRID 9000 Premium pack Tan/Olive ($60)

Saucony Jazz Low CL ($35)

24th January 2013 21:29
Crazy collection, I always like your posts in the WDYWT: Jordan thread, love those VII's, and man you find some crazy deals. I can't imagine finding any of those 13's that cheap. Cheapest pair of 13's I have in my collection I paid $100 shipped for, and that's the OG Playoff's. Great collection!
24th January 2013 21:51
those bloody gums are crucial!!
im digging the variety of the collection Matt
25th January 2013 20:47
Crazy collection, I always like your posts in the WDYWT: Jordan thread, love those VII's, and man you find some crazy deals. I can't imagine finding any of those 13's that cheap. Cheapest pair of 13's I have in my collection I paid $100 shipped for, and that's the OG Playoff's. Great collection!
Thanks a lot, man, I appreciate that! Yeah, I'm a deal hunter...definitely get high from the low money buy

those bloody gums are crucial!! im digging the variety of the collection Matt
Thanks bro! You're on the 1st page! Yeah, the Bloody Gums were an impulse buy...too cheap to pass up I dig em a lot & the leather is REALLY comfy on em!

Stay tuned...I'll keep adding as I find the time between fatherly/husband & work duties. Workin em in one group at a time...

25th January 2013 23:17
26th January 2013 16:55
Nice collection lucky you for paying retail!
26th January 2013 21:57
26th January 2013 22:11
nice! lovin those laser 4's