My kicks as of now

25th February 2010 00:20
Just recently joined, figured I'd start a collections page. Basically as you could see I love Nike SB's, but in general I like Nikes and Jordans. I have some shoes that are pretty much sentimental to me like my Koston's, Santos', and Stevie Williams'. They don't really have a monetary value, but those are some of my favorites in my collection.

Latest Update: 3/2/2010 - I went to an outlet and found some AM 95 Obsidian samples, and also snagged some Anthracite/Team Red Cortez's... very stoked.

25th February 2010 00:33
sick collection my man. good first topic. see a lotta things i wish i could have. one day haha
25th February 2010 00:47
NSC keep up the collection fam, all your SBs and J's are
cdp 3s, SJs, tiffs, avengers, i wish i had some of those
nice closet, very organized
25th February 2010 00:58
nice. really like the AM1's you have.
25th February 2010 01:13
stevie's one of my fav's man. i wish i had his DCs....... Those are my fav in ur colllection haha. im diggin the magazine too.
great stuff man!!!!!!
25th February 2010 01:20
Nice collection....I'm McLovin .....those look like SB cufflinks on that shirt
25th February 2010 02:12
YOO NICE J's diggin the 4's and those avengers
25th February 2010 02:43
lovin how that dress shirt goes with the avengers
25th February 2010 02:51
Yo I'm not really a beginner collector but all my exclusives have came from ebay and what not. NO FAKESSS. But where do I get exclusives and what not when they first come out I live in Indiana (same town as Notre Dame) and I've been to chicago but the only store I know of is Niketown. So If anyone has any pointers let me know pleaseee cause I'm tired of paying 2 to 3 hundred for shoes.
25th February 2010 02:52
nice collection good heat in here also !!!!!!!