My collection... 13 years old and started 3 months ago

25th May 2011 22:12

Cool Grey 11s

OG Bred 11s

2001 Concord 11s

Lebron South Beach

25th May 2011 22:20
Nice south beach and concord 11. Keep it up
25th May 2011 22:27
Thanks alot, tryna get my shoe game up!!
25th May 2011 23:19
rlly nice start bro
started off with heat is a good thing
keep it up
26th May 2011 00:03
UR SHOES ARE OK......................KEEP DOIN IT...................
26th May 2011 02:50
Those are some great shoes to start out with. U only been collectin for three months and you have og bred 11's?!? Thats dope
26th May 2011 02:54
Thanks man! Its kinda hard to get my collection since im 13 with no job lol so its hard to get the money quick, i get 10 bucks a week for chores, so i guess that'll do lol
26th May 2011 03:47
If you started 3 months ago and you get 10 a week how could you afford em kid or did your parents just buy em for you
26th May 2011 03:50
my parents bout me cement 3s and thats what got me started, then i sold those and bought cool greys for 200 and parents paid extra, then my parents bought me the concords and i bought the breds from saving, same with the beaches.
26th May 2011 03:59
nice aws pre-heats bro nice start man real nice