I think it is time for retirement UPDATED New Pick UP 04/12/2014

9th October 2012 07:33
Nice Collection
23rd October 2012 06:10
Nice Collection

23rd October 2012 10:34
My favorite part of your collection are the dunks and asics. Great diversity. *Salute*
23rd October 2012 22:25
holy shit.
2nd November 2012 20:35
holy shit.

New Update
5th November 2012 06:53
nice collection brah,but you have small feet
6th November 2012 19:17
DAMNNNNNNN! your collection is FIREEE!
19th November 2012 02:12
DAMNNNNNNN! your collection is FIREEE!


26th November 2012 05:59
dayyyymmm jaw dropped very sick sollection finally found someone with some sb's and doubled up on the atmos and in my size!!!! this is motivation!!
26th November 2012 08:12
i think it'd be easier to just name the shoes you don't have