I think it is time for retirement UPDATED New Pick UP 04/12/2014

27th February 2008 17:44
IG @Bestlegsinthegame

I think it is time to retire

My Girls collection is finally done

My collection on one side of my Closet 98% of all my Stuff are DS and in Size 8 to 9 Enjoy

As you can see I love DMPS

Also Here is a Teaser of my Set of XI Mids

New Grapes for the wife and I

New Breds for the wife and I

Here are my Concords

Had to pick up 3 more pairs of Space Jams

Had to pick up 2 more pairs of XI

Had to pick up the Cool Grey XI too

Picked up some Olympic 6's

Probably one of my Favorite Set of Jordans

My recent Jordan pick up

Had to add some more to my III's Love them

This Set of Jordans Receives alot of Hate but they are SUPER sick to me

Some Motorsport VI

Last of the Newer Jordan's that I will be buying wish I never passed on the Red/White 23's

For all that hates CDP sorry but I have a few in my collect

Here is Another Set I do Like too

Whoever hating on the retro AJKO are on crack

Probably the only 1's I will ever buy again I am a sucker for elephant print

My recent pick ups

My galaxy collection

Finally completed my galaxy pack

And added a couple more LBJ's

My girls and I Lebron starter collection

Picked up some KD IV's

Picked up some Kobe VII

Some of My Runners

New pick up

Had to double up.

Patta x Saga So SICK!!!!!!!!

Got to love the Flows so comfy.

My Urawa inspired AM 1's just came in Super happy

Here Are one of my Grails Signed by the man himself

One Of my Favorite Dunks of all time I had to Get 3 just in Case

I really liked the Dooms as you can see

Blue Box Era and I thought I stopped at the gold box Series Damn Nike

Gold Box Era and I am calling it quits

Black Box Dunk Low Era Was Kinda Slow

My Pink Box Dunk High Era

This is my Pink Box Dunk low Era

Some of my older Dunks

Do I feel Lucky or Unlucky today

Did not know which one I would like so I bought both

As you Can See I love Shoes with Denim

Some of my GR Dunks

My Nike air 180 Set

Had to pick up a 2nd pair of Union 180 love the shoe

Some Other Nike Shoes

I love Penny 1's nothing special but I do like these

Here are pics of my other stuff

Autographed and framed Jordan Away Jersey

Authentic Nike Jordan Home Jersey With Tags still attached

Upper Deck Jordan Figure First of its kind Stands about 1.5 Ft Tall

The Very First Starting Lineup Figure for MJ Still Sealed in box

Finally Something that will tear up everyones collection literally my English Bulldog (Always try to rip shoes apart LOL)

Recent Pick Ups

Some Cleans Ass Sea Crystals

Undftd Poor Man Weapons

Some AJ Sky Highs

Finally Some In4mation Vans Love them

Finally some Trickstar Dunk Lows

Finally DS Solecollector So hard to find

Flint VII Been Looking for these for a while

Red Supreme Trainers could not pass these up

Probably one of my favorite gold box some DS ET Dunks

DS Red Italian Suede XXI I love these

Nike DUnk SB Bison

Love these Premium Blazers

Some Sick A$$ Customs

When was the last time you seen these Beauties Gucci Slip-on's
27th February 2008 17:45
I think it's kinda pointless to see people post pictures of shoe boxes..

We can't even see what's inside them LMAO
27th February 2008 17:49
I think it's kinda pointless to see people post pictures of shoe boxes..

We can't even see what's inside them LMAO

I know I was bored but too lazy to take so many shoes out of the box LOL

Hey Might like to collect boxes not shoes
7th March 2008 02:46
Pics added

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7th March 2008 03:00
looks like you have a ton of heat!!! Nice 3 pairs of dmps, and the XI collection.
7th March 2008 03:35
all i needed to see was those 11's, thats it, i dont need anymore....goodbye
7th March 2008 07:49
Probably will not take anymore pics of my other half of my kicks takes too long and you guys can guess what else I have LOL

Enjoy the Pics and make what ever comments you want
7th March 2008 08:13
Damn son! 3 sets of DMPs?!?! Very Icee and Fresh...I like!
7th March 2008 08:46
the 11 & 3 & 1 sets are soo smooth!!!!!
if only it were me
7th March 2008 15:27
sick ass jordan collection...........keep it up ...........