My Collection

4th August 2011 23:59
I've been into shoes since 6th grade, bout to finish up my senior year soon. My collection is still not that great yet, don't have a job so I buy what I like off of money from flipping shoes, funds for my collection were all self made from the past year.. Some aren't really heat just shoes I haven't had the chance to get rid of the past few months. Most of this collection is from this year. Hopefully will grow once I get a job and not just flipping shoes for cash. Just thought I'd share it with ISS.

Cement 3s
true blues
concords 2000
space jam sbs x3
fire red 5s
cdp 5s
dmp 6s
ftlotg 7s
flint 13s
air max west
red carpet 7s
wg 5s x2
playoff 8s
do the right thing 1s
regular dunks
airmax skylines
5th August 2011 00:01
Oh yeah, my bad for the bad quality pic... Don't own a camera.
5th August 2011 01:38
Pretty decent stuff... Lovin the concords, south beach, space jam sb
5th August 2011 02:13
Nice collection, keep up the good work bro!

My Collection>>My Collection
5th August 2011 02:17
lookin pretty good so far man keep up the good work
5th August 2011 03:54
Thanks everyone lol and yeahhh hopefully will get better gradually!
5th August 2011 18:28
Good stuff. Like the DMPs and Fire Red 5s.
5th August 2011 18:57
You have a nice collection and what makes it special is you're the one making it happen. U feel me? U doing bzness and that's what make it special and makes hog treasure it more.
5th August 2011 19:11
Nice collection.
like your carmines...
5th August 2011 19:22
Thanks lol yeah, I try to save and make whatever I can for the shoes I like. My collection is far from great though.