Mixed Martial Arts Thread Vol. 2

14th December 2012 19:02
Why hasn't Chan Sung Jung gotten a title shot yet?
17th December 2012 18:24
anyone watch TUF finale? The way Barry leaned into that right KO punch was nasty man...... Felt bad for the Candian altho i think he's going to be a contender one day... Got great set of skills...
18th December 2012 02:22
We might see the "Bisping KO face" for the second time in January.

Speaking of KO faces, I think Rashad and Bisping are tied for the best ever

18th December 2012 14:41
thats hysterical!
18th December 2012 14:44
thats hysterical! Never seen that pic of Rashad before... Altho, that KO of Quarry back in the day was pretty brutal too
20th December 2012 00:37
any big fights coming up in the Boston area?
30th December 2012 03:59
peep now sons, bloodsport
' http://atdhenet.tv/57194/watch-ufc-155-dos-santos-vs-velasquez-ii'
30th December 2012 05:19
its time

30th December 2012 05:32
jrs through
30th December 2012 05:58
damn jds took a beating tonight