Midsole Repaint

23rd July 2013 00:59
I have a pair of thunder fours that I need to repaint the midsole on, but I have no idea how to make the "tour yellow" color. Does anyone know what colors I need to mix??
23rd July 2013 17:12
Color mixing is all about experimenting, try and fail. Get some of the various shades of yellow angelus, and try mixing them. Even just the plain old yellow angelus should be pretty good.

' http://turtlefeathers.net/text/angelus/paint.html'
24th July 2013 00:19
Yellow and try mixing it with a lighter yellow then neutralize it then add a little white thats how i made it
25th July 2013 00:28
Make sure to strip the paint first
11th October 2013 01:36
If you use paints remember that the yellow will be lightened if you add duller to the paint mix.