MY jordan collection sz 7.5-8

28th December 2012 21:49
small feet but nice collection haha
2nd January 2013 04:15
yo bruh, you got too much crack up in your house! i don't understand keeping 2 pairs of the same shoe DS, but i may understand if it's something like tokyo's, damn.

i actually got 3 but i used 1 most of the stuff i got here i have used
2nd January 2013 18:04
nice doubles !
3rd January 2013 00:58
Clean stuff.
3rd January 2013 07:13
Awesome collection. Love the diversity of jays here
3rd January 2013 07:17
Damn are you kidding me? I missed those "XQ" 1's from 2007 back there. That shoes is soooo limited, crazy that you have em.
3rd January 2013 14:15
Great collection.
3rd January 2013 19:28