MY LIL AF1 COLLECTION..... J's,Dunks,Air Maxes,ect to follow

19th August 2011 18:34
These are just my ones. i'll post my entire collection in the very near future. i hope u enjoy

19th August 2011 19:02
Sick collection. Love how you store your shoes. This is AF heaven.
19th August 2011 20:51
Very nice collection. I'm not a big fan of AF1's but you got some good stuff. Keep doing your thing man
19th August 2011 21:23
very nice AF1 collection! Im a One's Club member myself
20th August 2011 04:02
Lovin ur af1 collection... That's how i started my collection a long time ago with af1
21st August 2011 21:13
Nice AF1 collection. Diggin the St. Patrick and invisibles.
5th October 2011 01:26
damn there are some good joints up in here
>>>>>>>>>>>>> i dont see any samples f&f or hyperstrikes or anything like that but as far as a "regular" collection defintely saw a few nice gems in there (i.e. linens, snakes, jewels, i believes, few other older joints) But always nice to see another af1 lover, and cool collection keep it up
5th October 2011 13:55
Pretty crazy AF1 collection man, dig the setup too
5th October 2011 17:13
Your AF1 collection is looking real nice.
28th December 2011 03:11