MY COLLECTION Updated 7/1/11!!!!

18th February 2011 02:12
Going to cop mad during this summer

09 Chicago 1s

Pure Money 3s
Picture below, My Beaters

Mars 4s Resto

Metallic 5s

3m 5s

Fire Red 5s (Restoration Project #1)(less yellow in person) Just need seaglow

Varsity 6s

2009 Space Jam 11s

09 Nubuck 12s

19th February 2011 05:01
pretty decent start..........................................
19th February 2011 05:32
thats a nice start but always remember to tag your pictures
20th February 2011 17:19
damn this collection gives me a massive boner..
20th February 2011 18:40
Good over all start
20th February 2011 21:07
niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee noottt
20th February 2011 22:34
Good start to your collection man...keep it up
20th February 2011 22:40
That's a good look for a start up Kidd in time I know you'll be booming in numbers Take good care of those Raging Bull V's cause that 3M can get tricky when wet
20th February 2011 22:43
Yeah im not gonna wear them unless its nice out hahah but thanks for the input man
21st February 2011 01:01
pretty nice for 2 months, itll take off soon dont worry