24th January 2006 23:22

-DO NOT list/sell your items in this thread. There is a Marketplace for that kind of transaction. If somebody is looking for something, they'll find it in the Marketplace or make a Wanted ad for it. DO NOT SELL IN THIS THREAD. DO NOT SELL IN THIS THREAD. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT SELL IN THIS THREAD.

Wassup people I wanna see who is from the Metropolitan Area, If you need help findin places or whatever let me know. PM for spots or we can even Exchange Stores
25th January 2006 01:29
there is a summit post somewhere in here if you want to look around. always nice to have another metropolitan area cat on the board
25th January 2006 02:37
VA stand up!

i used to be in the 301 area but i moved to noVA
25th January 2006 04:40
maryland harford
25th January 2006 04:41
Hyattsville MD
25th January 2006 10:05
Va Beach. VA
25th January 2006 15:42
NW DC for School, Woodbridge VA home
25th January 2006 20:20
25th January 2006 20:51
Hampton, VA

757 Summit Coming Late 06
25th January 2006 21:02
Beltsville, MD!