Official +++ Logic +++ Thread | Young Frank Sinatra

12th July 2012 17:50
Logic is slept on, he's so underrated
15th July 2012 02:05
Castro is a very underrated as well, his flow is on point.

Logic kills this song as well (of course).
15th July 2012 08:18
I just listened to him . He's actually pretty decent , he has talent . Numbers and All I do are my fav songs from him right now
18th July 2012 18:46
ALo, nice find with C Dot, does he have any mixtapes out, if so can you post up some links?
24th January 2013 03:51
slosti714 :
he has two mixtapes out so far

yeah lots of his instrumentals are on here''
25th January 2013 04:56
He's underrated cause people don't know who he is. Logic is ill, Been bumpin him for a minute. he slays every beat, and he has a good story too
25th January 2013 21:06
he is a best