Official +++ Logic +++ Thread | Young Frank Sinatra

17th May 2012 17:59
check this guy out, sick smooth beats
17th May 2012 17:59
he has two mixtapes out so far
17th May 2012 20:21
Got the mixtape a couple weeks ago. Surprisingly good.

If you're gonna start a thread though, I'd suggest you post youtube links or at least links to the mixtape.
17th May 2012 23:59
good idea, heres the first video Logic - 30,000

18th May 2012 00:05
Heres the link to the mixtape''
20th May 2012 19:24
this kid is dope.
21st May 2012 01:05
I was on the other day and they had one of his vids(Young Sinatra III) up so I went out on a limb and listened to this guy. Had never even heard of him before I played the video, liked what i heard then immediately d/l'ed Young Frank Sinatra been on repeat in my Ipod ever since. The kid is dope.
21st May 2012 13:21
Nice flow, good beats. He's going to be big.
21st May 2012 19:14
Hopefully he stays underground and does't go mainstream
22nd May 2012 17:21
I've been listening to this kid for a few months ever since I stumbled across the song "Numbers" on HNHH and I never looked back. Still really liking this mixtape and his previous ones. Check out Young Broke & Infamous, Young Sinatra, and his new tape Undeniable.