Kulig00's Small Collection

25th July 2010 03:27
Whatsup SC this is my current collection, not too much right now but still enough to have a decent variety. Let me know what you think.

25th July 2010 03:31
the obsidian janoskis r hot. super hard to find. keep doi ur thing
25th July 2010 04:48
hey man its you so thats all good
25th July 2010 05:04
Nice....I like Blazer's.

I like the variety you have; great that you don't like dunks or Jordan's.............

Have you ever considered Nike Cortez or Air Max 90?

Both are pretty simple models and not too flashy....
25th July 2010 06:16
def nice i love blazers.. espc those vanilla ices (used to be my grail) and the purple rains real nice kkep it up
25th July 2010 06:31
I always respect simplicity. Keep it simple, keep it real.
25th July 2010 06:42
NIce variety on the BLAZERS keep doing you,
25th July 2010 08:26
Nice and simple, plus it's what you like, which makes it all good. Love the huff blazers, miss my pair
25th July 2010 08:34
Collection is pretty good.
Nice Vanilla Ice blazers.
I think you should get more than just SB's though.
25th July 2010 08:56
finally . i love seeing nice SB collections (not including dunks)

janoskis and the blazers and possibly the p-rods are the best SBs yet .