Keep Calm Nike Sb Dunk Lows made by Falsequest Update 8/7/11

25th September 2011 13:48
fire flame bro.
25th September 2011 18:33
those are cool. good work.
26th September 2011 05:50
That 3m is toocrisp
7th December 2011 21:24
fire bro ... they look factory made
10th December 2011 21:55
Thanks for the comments guys
I hope falsequest is making more customs
11th December 2011 02:03
These are dope. Like the shade of blue they used
12th December 2011 03:10
why is it that nike sb never releases any of the good stuff. such a tease
5th January 2012 23:28
pretty sick
8th January 2012 22:04
8th January 2012 22:46
Those are too sickk, im loving the colorway...I do think these would look better w/ white laces though !