KVegas Diversity Collection(1976-) UPDATED 5/15

12th February 2011 22:48
No particular Brand loyalty original purchaser of most been at this since 1984 and try to wear all my kicks unless Father Time prevents it.......(will continue to update) ************************************************ UPDATED 3/28***************************************************************************

Brooks Arsenal KW 1986 Avia 879 Hi 1990 Avia Fly Zone Thunderbolt 1995 Diadora Ace Top Yevgeny Kafelnikov 1996 Avia Sky Tech 1986 Adidas All Around - 1979 Bally Tennis - 1990 Sergio Tacchini Mid Assist 1989 Sergio Tacchini Mid Assist - 1989 Diadora DX6000 [/IMG] **************************************UPDATE 5/15 ******************************************************************************************
Nike Delta Force 1988 Hi Nike Court Force 1989 lo Nike Air Analog 1993 Nike Air Assault 1987 Nike Dunk Varsity 07 Etonic Akeem The Dream Pony 1 on 1 1983 Fila 100th Anniversary Fila 100th Anniversary Avia 860 Hi Sample pair of Uniroyal tennis shoes (uniroyal supplied rubber for the Pro Keds Model early on) Diadora Queen (Ed Moses) Converse EX 350 Le Coq Sportif runners Wilson Pro Staff (mesh) 1987 Head Tennis (mesh) 2004 DKNY 1991 K-Swiss Snakes

Avia Cantilever 1982
http://i152.photobucket.com/albums/s163/kvegas_2007/P1010002-29_zps1dffbc6e.jpg' " border="0" alt="" />
Saucony Bangor - 2003
http://i152.photobucket.com/albums/s163/kvegas_2007/P1010016-9_zpsfde5da12.jpg' " border="0" alt="" />

**************************************UPDATE 4/2****************************************************************************************** 1985 Spot Bilt Hyde Reissue Saucony Hang-time 2007 Dunkle Sample Ellesse reissue Assist 1 Ellesse Assist 1 reissue Adidas Galaxy 2002 Adidas ZX800 Adidas ZX700 Etonic Trans Am Trainer Nike Terminator and Nke Hoya sb *******************************update /2/22********************************************************************************************************************************* Asics Basketball Puma Basketball Fila Group Converse Basketball Saucony Ewing Group Sergio Tacchini *******************************update /2/19********************************************************************************************************************************* NIKE AIR SKURN 1996 NIKE AIR FLIGHT 89 PRINCE AUTO FLOW PUMA Cell 98 NIKE Cross Trainer Sample *******************************update 2/18********************************************************************************************************************************* NIKE AF 1's 1991 NIKE AF1's Brooklyn lows NIKE Vandals 2002 retro NIKE Supreme Court 94 (J.Courier) Nike Runner - 6453 - 1999 *******************************update 2/16********************************************************************************************************************************* Nike Sample Pro B 2001 Nike Varsity Dunks 2002 Nike Germany Hi Sample 2005 Nike AF1 NYC Edition Nike AF1 lo 2000 Nike AF1 Blue 1998 Nike AF1 Red 2003 Nike AF1 2003 retro **************************************update 2/15 *******************************************************************************************************************************************************[/color][/b] Xanthus Xavier McDaniel 1992 Spot Bilt Clint Richardson 1983 Spalding Hakeem The Dream #34 Nike Quantum Force 1991 ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Nike Air Flight 1992 Akeem The Dream Etonic 1986 Akeem The Dream Etonic 1987 Champion Excel HI 1992 Asics Tiger Hi 1984 Adidas Country Hi sample 2000 Fila Grant Hill 1996 New Balance 590 Hi New Balance 480 Hi New Balance 550 Low Patrick Ewing Phoenix HI Adidas PDX/APE Superskate Sample Tommy Guerrero Brooks D.Wilkins Highlights Low Fila FX (Packer) Adidas Intimidation 1999 Kevin Johnson Run & Gun Converse Nike Killshot 1986 John Havelcek superstars 1976 (Sears) NBA (look like upside down cortez lol) 1974 *****************************************************02/13/2011****************************** 1988 Delta Hi 1993 Nike Supreme Court Puma Majesty Sampson Hi Ellesse Runners 1991 Adidas Oregon 2004 Wilson Beta 1982 & 1986 NYC edition Fila Mashburns *******************************UPDATED 2/14*************************************************************************** Adidas S.Edberg ATP Tour Brooks Tennis Diadora B560 HI Nike Air Delta 1987 Nike Court Force 1993 Avia runners sample Avia Philly 06 Avia cross trainers sample Brooks BBall Hi Adidas ZX800 NIKE Sample Nike Terminator Hybrid Sample Nike Air Force III 1991 Lotto Air Tech Adidas Association Hi Diadora Group Adidas Group Adidas Forum Cuba samples Adidas Nastase Adidas Decadence MIL sample Adidas Dakota Hi Sample Adidas Marc Echo collab sample Nike Battle Underground shox sample Brooks runners 1980’s
12th February 2011 22:58
Brooks Highlights Hi

Avia Hi 820

Avia Arc Court

Sample Maroon Concord /Sample Tan Concord/Sample Gray Concord/SW yellow/Sw black

Avia Trans

LA Gear - Kareem Low/BB 420 Hi/ Karl Malone Catapult

Adidas World Cup Sample
12th February 2011 23:09
Fila Jerry Stackhouse low

Nike Magnum Force 92

PEwing lo swatt

Converse Aero Jam

PEwing Rouge II
13th February 2011 03:59
This is vintage in purest form, NICE man did u raid a bomb shelter or something??
13th February 2011 04:14
that is easily some of the most vintage stuff ive seen in one collection, solid effort
13th February 2011 04:49
mr. tamnus:
This is vintage in purest form, NICE man did u raid a bomb shelter or something??

Before the invent of the sneaker forums always been my passion to get more kicks than I can wear in a year or two

Adidas Motumbo #55

Adidas Motumbo #55

Nike Air Trainer III

Nike J.Kidd Afterburner 1998

Nike Air Alonzo #33

Le Coq Sportif Hi 1988

Xanthus Xavier McDaniel 92
13th February 2011 06:10
interesting collection, none the less dope!
13th February 2011 15:06
interesting collection, none the less dope!

Thanks hopefully can get around too taking all photos but finding that to be a bit time consuming
13th February 2011 16:24
wow - vintage for sure - nice collection
13th February 2011 20:45
this collection is a blast from the past man.... good ishhhhhhn