Jordan Brand Release Dates

3rd November 2007 05:25
Thanks for the update. I can't wait till the packs come out. Gotta start saving up now
3rd November 2007 06:19
yea that XXIII is lookin pretty sick so far. gotta start savin up.
3rd November 2007 14:09
I called nike up right now and they dont have the 1 lows being relesed is it possible there still coming out i know they dont have all the info somwtimes as wired as that sounds.
3rd November 2007 22:33
When are the White I lows coming out?
3rd November 2007 22:44
i love how there bringing back most of the OG color ways but alot of these colors and things there comming out with are just ugly
3rd November 2007 23:52
the 1st package and the package with the 7's soubd sick also hyped
4th November 2007 03:04
310 for the first package wow. gotta start saving
4th November 2007 03:07

To all, I told you guys, this pic is the AJXX3, also, I have another scanned shot but it seems that all the MODS do not believe me( cause I have less than 40 posts), so Im having a second thought if I should post it or not, by the way there is a finger print of MJ, very nice, at first, I didn't like it, then I saw more angles.

lol i didn't believe at first but i did notice the number 23 on the shoe and it is the same as the jordan 23 box.. so u know... it's got to be the shoes...

2.GOOD TO RUN OR BALL(do it when it's really beat)
4th November 2007 04:07
is the slam dunk package really coming out? or its jus an idea? thanks...
4th November 2007 04:38
23's look okay but for $200 thats a no no.