Jordan Brand Release Dates

1st November 2007 04:39
kk, my comps messed up. repeated my post
1st November 2007 05:21
damn 310 fo the packages. and its gun be limited, i hope i get to get my hand on all of em!!!
1st November 2007 08:42
countdown pack with the xi's and xii's bouta be swept off shelved like cookies on sesame street haha
2nd November 2007 01:47
yo good lookin on the info
2nd November 2007 02:41
2nd November 2007 16:25
No True Blue 17s smh
2nd November 2007 17:44
i really dont like the lining on the these retro shadow x's!
3rd November 2007 01:49
Js Playa:
Yea great post. One question, does any1 know when the new XXIIIs are coming out?

the first ones are coming out january and are limited
3rd November 2007 02:29
this is going to be a good year
3rd November 2007 03:22

To all, I told you guys, this pic is the AJXX3, also, I have another scanned shot but it seems that all the MODS do not believe me( cause I have less than 40 posts), so Im having a second thought if I should post it or not, by the way there is a finger print of MJ, very nice, at first, I didn't like it, then I saw more angles.