How do celebrities obtain their kicks?

1st July 2012 18:31
Just a few days ago, I saw a link pertaining to Wale's sneaker collection, and to be honest, I was blown away by just how many pairs of heat he has.

Now, my question is, how do celebrities like Wale get their kicks, particularly ones that are old releases such as sb's and such? Do they buy it when the shoes were first released or do celebrities have people that buy it online for them? Just curious.
1st July 2012 19:07
From my guess is that they have their stylist get em for them. Others might just recieve em as gifts. Or my personal favorite; going in yourself like a boss just as James Harden would in LA.

1st July 2012 19:34
they can buy whatever they want. money is no object to them.
1st July 2012 20:56
Yea, I know money is not a problem for them, but do they personally buy it off like ebay, niketalk, iss? I mean, I was just thinking how cool would it be to realize that you're shipping a pair of true blues to maybe kanye or something.
1st July 2012 21:36
Doubt it, most likely stylist/pay someone to get them for them. Unless they enjoy finding them, and searching around I doubt they personally buy them.
2nd July 2012 14:15
They make accounts on and search
2nd July 2012 14:34
Their agents and managers hook them up.
2nd July 2012 18:52
Watch entourage!
2nd July 2012 19:12
Their agents and managers hook them up.

More like stylists I'd think. Most celebrities probablly go to flight club, and all those other over priced boutiques. Buying oreo 6s for $320 swearing nobody has em.
2nd July 2012 20:19
they either must have a deal with the shoe company so they just get them to walk around in to promote them or their stylists .. i really cant imagine Drake camping out for some Yeezy 2's . lets be real