House Of Hoops

30th December 2008 04:54
To the reader(s) from Jordan Brand and/or Footlocker Corporate. When I voiced my desire for another Jordan P.E. I apologize for not elaborating. Team Jordans are not whats popping in the streets.

Thank You.

Nike doesn't make any money releasing PEs at HOH. Producing 240 pairs of anything is to just create a Buzz not to make money, for Nike to make any kind of money 3000 pairs or more has to be produced, the only side that Banks in is Footlocker. For example the Ray Allen Jordan 2.5 was to create a little Buzz on the Jordan 2.5 Shoe, yeah I know we all agree the Jordan 2.5 looks : ...If you notice Nike only release PEs in styles that they needs the help to push like "Nike Powermax, Nike Bluechips, Nike Max Bizness etc". So releasing a PE in shoe that's already doing well in stores like the Jordan XX3s or a Nike Hyperdunk would just defeat the goal.

Make Sense ???
30th December 2008 05:38
VIII P.E.'s were sold in February 7 weeks after the last General Release...
30th December 2008 05:44
"Sneak Peak"
30th December 2008 05:45
^Which HOH is that one at?
30th December 2008 06:07
^Which HOH is that one at?

yea what hoh is that they have the shoes im NEEDING!
30th December 2008 06:19
i think i know who that is
30th December 2008 11:14
^Which HOH is that one at?

that is HOHNY...
30th December 2008 18:27
from how long ago
30th December 2008 18:30
not sure exactly but that wall still looks that way so couldnt be that long ago...
31st December 2008 01:17
i want to go to the one in new york
i've walked by it once but never been inside!