Help me with girls

15th September 2011 22:55
ok so i need help picking up girls, i have shoes, cloths, the look and everything, but i don't know how to talk to girls any help please?
15th September 2011 23:01
introduce ur self n start a convo duh thats how people meet eachother
15th September 2011 23:04
Open your mouth and talk to da hoes.
15th September 2011 23:07
ops: i have this problem to op
15th September 2011 23:12
go up to her say you have pretty eyes, blow me.
15th September 2011 23:20
For the most part, you need to start developing that confidence. Some girls strongly like that in guys, so once you've got that down, you can get almost any chick.

It depends on the girl, but she probably won't care about your shoes and whatnot. Just approach her at the right moment, strike a small conversation and go from there. If the first encounter goes astray, try again, and again and again for more experience. It helps if you know what you're doing.
16th September 2011 00:00
show them your dick.. it doesn't work everytime.. but when it does, it's worth it..
16th September 2011 00:05
16th September 2011 00:07
go up to her say you have pretty eyes, blow me.

16th September 2011 00:56
develop a f it attitude and thats all the confidence you need if she gets rude just lean on her and move on to the next one but most of the time if you come off as a gentlemen they respect you