Golden Hops Dunk SB Mid January 2012

13th June 2011 22:33
13th June 2011 22:53
not bad but nike sb has been slippin
13th June 2011 23:00
Oh man. These dont look too good at all. Ill wait for some real pics, but not looking like anything special for me.
13th June 2011 23:12
As for now, looks like a very easy pass on these.

14th June 2011 00:26
Nooo nike.. .no
14th June 2011 02:11
ill pay 80 for these just to skate them other then that their crap
14th June 2011 02:16
Maybe a better quality picture would change my mind, but as of the moment this aint too pretty.
14th June 2011 02:20
easy pass
14th June 2011 03:17
Easy pass for me
14th June 2011 03:20
looks like someone threw up lol bad bad chinese food