General advice for collecting

28th December 2012 06:22
I am new to collecting shoes, but def not new to collecting. So far, I like this site, 23isback, eastbay. PYS, among some others. My question is general as to the best way to decide on WHAT to buy. I understand that the colorways change, but I am interested in collecting. I am looking at release dates, and then trying to find out if those are limited. The Christmas Nikes I slept on and regret.
28th December 2012 08:05
Buy what you like, end of story. Forget all the hype and limited. That's the problem with the sneaker game now, people chase the hype not the love of sneakers. buy em and wear em.
29th December 2012 07:23
I guarantee you will not find me wearing 90% of these shoes. I don't care about hype either, but I DO want to find out what is collectible. It's a fun hobby like trading cards were, but a whole new game with lots of moving pieces...
31st December 2012 04:02
Buy what you like, collect what you like. What is collectable is totally up to you, not what others have an opinion on.