Foamposite One/Pro Thread

30th August 2010 01:34
I have decided not to run this thread anymore after losing some interest in sneakers. From now on everything will be updated by the moderators of the Basketball forum.

- Incognito, Feb 2012

This is the Foamposite One/Pro thread.

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  • The old one was archived because of the constant talk about and not about the shoe

Please share useful info, pics, etc

Foamposite 2009 Eggplant

Foamposite 2009 Metallic Copper

Foamposite 2010 Cough Drop

Foamposite 2010 Royal

Foamposite Pro 2011 Electric Blue

Foamposite Pro 2011 Pine Green

Foamposite 2012 Electrolime

To be released:

Foamposite 2013 Whiteout 3/29

30th August 2010 01:37
New foamposite one/pro thread.

Still looking for a pair of dooms and black foamposite pros, it kills me not to have them.

I'm passing on the pearls coming out.
30th August 2010 01:42
i hope the pearls dont sell out on rd i dont think ill have the money on rd
30th August 2010 02:03

30th August 2010 02:04
Im passing up on the pearls on release date but I will get them later on. Im on a hunt for silver pros ds & dr dooms ds, tryna pay 450 for both.
30th August 2010 02:05
i hope the pearls dont sell out on rd i dont think ill have the money on rd

Its back to school time only people that really want em and have that exrra 200 to spend will get em but if there just like the eggplants and coppers, they sold out online and most retailers but if you look hard enough around you might find em.
30th August 2010 02:13
Alright... heres the new Foam thread for both Ones and Pros!
Hopefully the new thread will provide more easily accessible info.

30th August 2010 02:24
Incognitokid, you forgot to put the Cough Drops on the past releases.
30th August 2010 02:26
Alright, new thread! Good looking out iNcOgNiToKiD
30th August 2010 02:30
Those Pewter look hella nice.

New thread yay.....