Flame Society

6th June 2012 04:47

ok this is a new thread designed for us dedicated members of the flame thrower. here are some basic rules. I know some of you guys are stupid but please try not to fuck these up so we dont get locked.

1. all the rules of the flame thrower still apply here, no overly graphic images, racism, "sexual preferences" (according to ellemenohpee), or religion. Since we've all been in the ft a while you should know them by now, but if you dont go back to first grade and learn how to think.

2. Dont come in here just because you've been in the ft and have socialized with us. If your not already in the group theres a reason why. If you'd like to join pm me or anyone else in it and we'll vote on it.

3. We all know eachother on a somewhat personal basis. If you want to join you should at least know a little bit about us. So for example if you didn't know that grape_tongues is a raging crystal meth addict or that g0dsg1ft lives on 7 dollars a week (just a joke please dont write me a 10 page essay without , or .'s complaining) than your probably not fit for here.

4. If you are gonna come in here and try to talk to us please make it about something somewhat important or entertaining, i can tell you now no one in here gives a fuck about your cool new supreme t-shirt. Make a good first impression.

5. We've all heard stories about "the old flamethrower" and what not. Cool i understand it probably was better and a bunch of other bullshit. Lets please try not to talk about that. So if your an old flamethrower member and you happen to come across this thread please dont come in here saying shit to us about how it was better and bitch about how solecollector is now. WE DONT CARE.

Alright boys thats pretty much it. Rep us proudly!

UnHype Beast, godsg1ft, grape_tongues, RhythmaticAce, oneallah, captaincool, dextr24, brian35, zLaZer_DS, iAmSuperman, niguyen, mk88, Dirty Mike, Drastic, cmel713, trynalive, krazyace373, rjb4594, Tablo, izzmikyaheard, HellaKush

thats all i can think of at the time, i probably forgot some people, sorry. Just comment and i'd be glad to add you
6th June 2012 04:55
I like what I see

6th June 2012 04:57
You did a great job dude!!! It's official Where my homies?
6th June 2012 04:59
6th June 2012 05:16
UnHype Beast:

Not bad for a 10min job, you type quick
6th June 2012 05:21
6th June 2012 05:35
6th June 2012 06:05
I get off ISS for like an hour and its already official

Good shit
6th June 2012 12:56
guess you don't get the idea of having a whole flamethrower sub forum?

keep it in there