FIRST LOOK: Air Jordan 2012 Olympic

8th May 2012 17:14
With the all the hype building up for the Air Jordan 6 Retro Olympic and Air Jordan 7 Retro Olympic, a photo of the Air Jordan 2012 Olympic has just been leaked. Share your thoughts.

07/19/2012 Air Jordan 2012 Lite
524922-130 White/Obsidian-Varsity Red

8th May 2012 17:40
Sticking with the Olympic VI..
8th May 2012 17:48
Not bad. I like how they used the red flywire as an accent to the main blue and white.

Is that a sample? Thought the blue panels were seperate tumbled leather pieces. That might look real fly.
8th May 2012 18:57
never liked the aj2012 to date..this cw does not change matters...ill do jay kidd and pass!
8th May 2012 19:03
thanks for the pictures OP, not a fan of these tho
8th May 2012 19:04
That's a no go for me.
8th May 2012 19:59
Very uuuuuugly
8th May 2012 22:25
8th May 2012 22:29
perfect shoes just to wipe my ass on
8th May 2012 22:40


I don't have a lot of great things to say about the 2012 visually. These included.