Exciting news about Sneakerology, the iphone app

19th June 2011 00:24
I want to tell everybody about Sneakerology 3.0. We will be release this new update on Tuesday here some new stuff sneakerology

if you don't believe us this is a great app peeps this out' http://solecollector.com/news/complex-15-apps-every-sneakerhead-should-have/'
19th June 2011 00:25
wish i had an iphone
20th June 2011 03:04
Give it to me as an HD iPad app, and I'm all over it.
23rd June 2011 13:02
very cool, thanks for info
23rd June 2011 19:47
We just launched yesterday ..... sneakerology is now out!!
1st August 2011 21:34
This should be interesting, Hopefully it works properly.
10th August 2011 04:20
Deff looks nice, tryin it out.
5th September 2011 19:58
Sneakerology is now available for android market now!!!!
11th October 2011 02:11
when does it become free?
12th October 2011 01:36
Hope it turns out well....might be getting an iPhone soon