:::Dunks, Dunks, and more NonSB DUNKS::: NO SELLING ALLOWED

23rd February 2012 12:23
Picked up the green dunks over the phone thru footlocker. Too bad they didnt have my size left, i got stuck getting a 10.5. Hopefully I can trade for a 9.5-10. But still super excited. Congrats to everyone that grabbed them
23rd February 2012 13:04
I was sure NDC was gonna crash. The way these releases have been going, i didn't think i'd get a pair. Fast internet, quick fingers, and a little luck was all i needed I guess. congrats to all who got a pair. These shoes are insane.
23rd February 2012 21:15

Indeed they are. This was def a sleeper release.
24th February 2012 07:01

Indeed they are. This was def a sleeper release.

snagged a pair as well. my first pair of Dunks. had to change it up a bit from all the jordans lately. they look great - wish i could find an on feet video/pic.
24th February 2012 07:38
just ordered the gold/orange pair from footlocker.com, wish I could of got the green pair though
24th February 2012 13:39
FYI...' http://www.crookedtongues.com/' still has some limited sizes available in Khaki and Gold color-ways. It's about $119 USD after the conversion.
25th February 2012 07:14
Switched the swooshes to see how it looks. Really like the grey swoosh on the blue one

26th February 2012 06:09

Got the all star galaxy blue Dunks very fresh def a come up. Got a size 12 and its bigger than usual. Might go back to the HOH and see if I can exchange should have just tried them on in store.
28th February 2012 13:05
Any of you guys getting any of the NCAA Tourney Dunks? I want those blues so bad.
28th February 2012 21:21
Nice pick ups y'all! Got these in today.