15th September 2012 20:09
^The thing is that you shouldn't really force yourself to do so. Humans dream every night, and we have an average of about 8 or 9 dreams per night, the only issue is that we can't really recall them. And even though we can probably recall one, or part of one, our memory isn't really 100% trustworthy in that aspect. We remember consciously, and selectively. Lawyers know this when they deal with witnesses, etc. We may remember certain things, but, over time, it becomes a somewhat true or false distorted memory.

The only way to get around this is to focus on your dream while maintaining a relaxed state and writing it down first thing if and when you awaken. That way you reinforce your memory and are able to pinpoint certainties within your dreams.

On another note, not too long ago I had a symbolic dream. It was momentary, but it was a dream of a yellow canary perched upon a wooden table. Seemed as if it were in my home. I had only seen that, and heard its song. I can't remember the song, but I do remember its vibrance.

Turns out canaries in dreams represent the longing for someone, or a longing to be with someone. It also represents new developments, romantically, and generally in life. Not long after that I found myself dating my old highschool crush. Weird, right?
15th September 2012 22:09
make it a reality, stop dreaming
20th September 2012 20:58
Smoke to much loud i dnt ever dream no more
29th December 2012 16:02
Today's dream:

I was in my middle school (now renovated); back then, security guards patrolled the place so that no one would be able to cut, but nowadays, they're "history." I decided today's lesson was boring as hell, so I slipped out the door and onto the staircases. To my surprise, it was extremely quite and not a soul was present. Cool. I descended a few flights and ended up in some dark basement with a bedroom. Suddenly, someone was there and I didn't wanna be caught, so I hid under the sheets. I see a shadow of a girl and as she got closer, it looked like she came from swimming practice. She was taking off her clothes and even though I decided to look away to respect her privacy, I legit couldn't resist, as if a spell was cast upon me that pulled me out of the bed and put me right in front of her built body with a ridiculously enormous ass. I apologized for intruding and she's like, "alright" and after some small talk, I got to "stick it to her" for a good minute or so.

Damn, to say the least, that was a good dream. Don't have too many of those. At least, not anymore... True story!
6th January 2013 15:46
Couldn't sleep, so I managed to lucid dream a bit. It's scary because it all feels so real.


My parents and I are on vacation; my dad's driving some truck with my mom and I taking "Myspace photos." We then arrive at a small town and made a pit stop at some center. It looked small but inside was like a labyrinth. By this time, my parents were elsewhere doing their thing (no pun intended), and I'm at a room with some kids and like in Kingdom Hearts, I got the chance to kinda simulate myself into other dimensions (as cliche or Inception-y as that sounds). Meanwhile, I had some of my belongings in a bag on a seat, which was untouched, but after leaving, I forgot about it and went back to find it gone. Asked someone about it and they said my parents took care of it. I walk out and it's raining, parents aren't anywhere to be found, the place was getting more desolate by the second, and that's what I could recall.


I'm working inside of a building with my coworkers. Some of us operate on one half of this floor while on the other half, some work on experiments. Morgan Freeman, apparently, is our boss haha. Must be because I rewatched Shawshank Redemption the other day... So I went over to the other side and discovered they had a mini maze built in the center. Before I could check the interior, I found out our guys created an Iron Man suit, but it was unstable and kinda acted on its own as if someone were already inside controlling it. The thing pretty much went nuts and we were all forced to take cover by Gears of Wars-like desks, walls, etc. Honestly, it was fun and suspenseful; then, Freeman busted through our door and began spitting wads of bacteria/poison at everyone, instantly killing them, and that's pretty much it.


I'm now in a The Simpsons realm, where my role is some badass James Bond agent guy who really wants to exact revenge on some mob boss. My superiors keep telling me not to pursue him, as he is "highly armed and dangerous" but that obviously didn't stop me, so they intended on stopping me, if it meant killing me. The person I was following orders from appeared with a couple of other men, whom I easily took down, leaving me with the general. Turns out he hated me and always wanted to get rid of me, so now was his chance. I kept firing my gun at him but the bullets seem to keep phasing right through him for some reason. He screams, "I'm gonna kill you, ya lil' fart!" and a woman appeared behind him and said, "But you're the one who's full of gas," then jabbed him in the back with some flame thing, igniting him, and I shot the canister near him, blowing his ass up. That is all.

Oh and the lady and I then proceeded to have hot steamy sex.
6th January 2013 17:00
I dont remember any dreams sadly...i just always enjoy the moment in the dreams if you know what i mean
7th January 2013 02:07
I have the weirdest dreams. A lot of random people die. The other night, Taylor Swift died and I had to organize her funeral...
8th January 2013 15:32
Yesterday, I had two or three pretty good ones but failed to remember...

Today, I hung out a bit with Jersey Shore's Pauly D and (Korean Jersey Shore) K-Town's Violet and it was the DJ's birthday. Although I despise the show, Pauly's probably one of the few I have some respect for, but anyway, the three of us were at some beauty salon place. Violet toured the place while two girls were talking to Pauly and me. Pauly asked for some shit to be smeared on his face to make him look gawgeous and for me to rub it on him in three stripes of guido. While I was performing my magic, Violet was drawing pictures of us with Kingdom Hearts characters and there was Pauly in between Sora and Roxas. Violet said, "It's a nice stick" in which I interpreted "It's a nice dick" because of her quickness in speech. Then, one of the girls from the counter mentioned that Pauly looked like Sora/Roxas because of the hair and I suddenly woke up and blurted, "Holy shit, I just realized that!"

Lame, I know.
10th January 2013 14:43
Similar to how Talia gained Bruce's trust, I became good friends with Justin Bieber and then killed him when he least expected it.

My other dream today was with this girl I met a few months back and although we've only talked once and seen each other maybe five or six times at most, I've heard sometimes that the person is in your dreams when THAT PERSON is thinking about you? Because she was nowhere in my head before I went to bed; like I said, we barely talked. Guess there's no definite explanation...
10th January 2013 15:32
Ever since I was a child, I've had one consistent nightmare that has remained the same for years.

I'm standing on a beach, nothing but water and sand. I'm looking out towards the water. In the distance I can see something unusual. I see a wall of water from miles away. It's getting closer and closer by the second. I turn around to run away from the water. Suddenly, the sands begins to rise. The sand has become a huge wall preventing me from running away. As a turn around the wall of water is about to crush me. Then I wake up.

I've been trying to figure out this dream for years. I still don't get it. Anyone else have a similar reoccurring dream?