Do you think the Concord XI release changed the sneaker game?

4th March 2012 19:51
i agree with all that has been said
4th March 2012 22:54
Everything change as time passes. I do agree though, ever since the concord release, seems like the sneaker game have been on the media a lot. It might lead to people turning into sneaker enthusiast as well.
5th March 2012 00:15
not at all
5th March 2012 01:06
Not really. It's like this every year around back to school, Christmas shopping November-December, then again during tax season Febuary-April. Resellers will lose $$ soon, we'll all be able to get decent deals soon.
5th March 2012 02:46
Anyone else feel like JB is killing the re-sale game as well? At least for retro Jordans? I mean, with the prices going up and the quality going down and all. I feel as though the shoes aren't what they used to be. Getting closer and closer to knock offs than quality basketball shoes.
5th March 2012 13:13
Na..I think it's a coincidence that people start collecting around the time the concords released ..but people have to start somewhere I guess
6th March 2012 22:46
The concords DID change the sneaker game, but not by itself. The galaxys also played a role in helping. When the news showed people how crazy people get over sneakers it opened the eyes of resellers and banwagoners. Especially since this all happened in a period of 3 months.Resellers feel that they can get any retro or sought after sneaker and feel that they will make a great profit. Banwagoners only heard "Jordan Retro" and "Foamposite" they dont know colorways. That is why every single colorway sells out on shelves. That applies to both the GR released and some of the ugliest CWs.
Perfect example is the CHI X's. Look how quick those disappeaered from shelves. Look at the price people are selling them for. Lastly, look at all of the people who regret or dont even know why the hell they bought them.
The game has changed. I feel that it will be a while until it gets back to how it used to be in the early 2000's
6th March 2012 23:31
7th March 2012 00:36
Its all Jordan + Nike fault if they did like one or two re-stocks of them no one would kill someone for a pair and they wouldn't be on online for like 500 bucks
8th March 2012 00:29
yes, i think the wc 4 release wouldnt have been nearly as bad if the concords didnt come out