Do you think the Concord XI release changed the sneaker game?

25th January 2013 05:00
the concords didnt change the game... i was able to get a pair of them shits easy... what changed the game wer the galaxy foams shit was madness out in florida and everywer... luckily i was able to get a pair of them suckers too...
10th August 2013 15:05
obviously did so bad
10th August 2013 20:15
It was bound to just so happens the Concords were released at the time.
10th August 2013 22:21
nah that release didnt change nuthin people just hyped there self up off of word of mouth there have been worse releases
10th August 2013 22:43
28th August 2013 00:16
The Concords where the turn point of the sneaker game no doubt.
28th February 2014 18:45
i think it changed the sneaker game....the Concords release was the last time i got to cop a pair of jordans without all the hassle of the ticketing process..twitter rsvp..sneaker sites crashing and selling out with in 2-3 mins...
1st March 2014 04:12
I Need Grapesz:
You must be young because it was wilder in the late 90's/early 2000's. It's unfortunate because the things that happened should've never happened but it's on the consumers. People have to wise up. Really? Robbing people over a pair of kicks? Killing people over a pair of kicks. SMH.

Yeah man, I was born in 92' aha must have been crazy since there was no eBay, if you missed out, you really missed out. It's just how do people justify some of the prices on these kicks? People trying to sell beat spacejams for like 160? Really?

Yea the pricing is crazy. I remember back then, I thought $240 for DS 11's was crazy, now that's considered a "steal". It'll adjust though when people realize they are getting bamboozled. A lot of SB's back then were going for crazy money, now they're back to a more rational level.

EDIT: Probably won't adjust for the most sought after kicks mainly the 11's, unless MJ releases a new CW every two weeks. That's pretty much what has affected the pricing of sneakers, overproduction, specially of wack CW's.

I really hope you're right about people realizing how bamboozled they're getting. It's funny you say that about SBs! For the most part I think you're right, but certain sellers with rarer pairs want a RIDICULOUS amount of money for their kicks. I don't think they successfully sell for rape like they used to though. For example, my cousin was trying to get a pair of HUFs from a dude and the dude said $280 was a huge lowball. He wanted around four bills.

In response to the thread topic: I don't think a single release changed it. Except perhaps YEEZYs, hahaha. The change is gradual and cumulative. There are certainly hallmark moments though and the most recent Concord retro release is probably one of them.

2nd March 2014 01:39
nah the rerelease of the space jams made it hectic again along with all these clown as sneakerblogs and social networks
2nd March 2014 17:23
nah the rerelease of the space jams made it hectic again along with all these clown as sneakerblogs and social networks


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