Custom "Copper Head Snake" Foamposite One

28th January 2013 00:35
Dye the soles black and I'd cop
28th January 2013 21:58
So nice. Wish the sole could get a clean, these woulda looked amazing if it did
29th January 2013 01:48
29th January 2013 05:22
Not my cup of tea. More power to you, creativity is key.
12th April 2013 08:48
nice kicks ruined with a penny?
13th April 2013 17:40
you killed the design with the pennnys
15th April 2013 01:19
pretty clean.. not feelin the pennies tho
13th May 2013 19:32
whaaaat? these are clownin bro. The snake skin is clean.
11th July 2013 16:50
Unique approach. Get rid of them pennies though!
24th February 2014 15:32
Daing they some clean shoes, even with the actual penny