Chevy Super Bowl Commercial Beef

9th February 2012 16:19
Well Chevy released a commercial for the superbowl and apparently ford didn't like. Personally i think ford is jealous, the commercial was kickass.

And Chevy released more sick commercials since then, one featuring ROB DYRDEK, me personally im a fan of his shows but hes really stepping out his boundaries.

Ridiculousness is jacked off Tosh.0
Rob & Big - something didnt end right their?? am i the only one??
FANTASY FACTORY - TOP 10 of my favss ; can anyone say gymkhana 10xs fast.. .?

This is more of a flame topic but ehh lock it if you agree.

i just had to air the fact that rob + chevy = (-________-)

9th February 2012 17:25
Who effin cares ....
9th February 2012 17:35
Who effin cares ....