Black/Varsity Red 6s LC

19th February 2012 21:55
i got a pair of Bred 6s and they look good to me but they fit so small for some reason. I have a bunch of 6s including the white/red 6s and they are all size 12s and they all fit the same except for this pair which just fits so small, in fact too small. so i thought maybe my eyes arent as good as i thought they were. well heres the pics.

19th February 2012 23:07
How long you had them??
19th February 2012 23:12
just got them recently. the previous owner wore them heavily as you can see.
20th February 2012 00:18
Dont use flash, get a better pic of the sizze tag.
20th February 2012 00:24
the size tag looks legit it is identical to the size tag on my other 6's
20th February 2012 20:09
yeah i have these too and the size tag looks identical to mine, these are legit
21st February 2012 02:37
yeah it looks good to me too but i just dont understand why these are so much smaller than all my other 6s including ones that came out the same year.
21st February 2012 16:37
any mod or staff member care to give there opinion?
22nd February 2012 16:27
any staff help please?
23rd February 2012 18:29
100 views and no staff comment? come on