Best Shoe To Ball In?

14th February 2012 12:14
I want to get a new pair of basketball shoe to play in and im a big fan of nike shoes. I like the hyperdunks and hyperfuses but im really leaning toward kobe's or durant's. Anybody know which shoe is better? Or is there a shoe with better performance? I play shooting guard and i like to be quick on my feet and also jump high
14th February 2012 16:44
kobe kicks are the best to ball in..
14th February 2012 18:13
I agree with toodopeforlife
KD IV's are good ball shoes but I'd go with a pair of Kobe VI's
Kobe VI's are light, comfortable, fit true to size and have enough space to move around in
15th February 2012 05:17
If you're looking at KDs, I've heard the KD IV is uncomfortable to play in. I might give the KD III a shot, since you can probably find a pair for cheap and they're solid shoes.
15th February 2012 13:29
I'm not a fan of the kobe's... I had some issues with the kobe v's...

For me I practice using my Lebron 8 PS... but on tournaments I'm playing with my adidas crazy lights imo best ballin' shoes i've played with...
17th February 2012 05:31
it all depends on what position you play different types of shoes are built for different types of players
17th February 2012 15:14
Im a shooting guard
17th February 2012 17:42
Playoff 9s
18th February 2012 17:44
19th February 2012 11:25